Total Eclipse 2017

Are you ready for it? Monday, August 21. 2017 is the day we will experience a solar eclipse. Some will have a partial eclipse while others in the path of totality will be in for a real treat and hopefully without cloud cover!

My first thought was to set up my camera for a time lapse of the landscape during this event especially because I will be in the path of totality at 1:17 pm central standard time. Tonight I did a test run with my camera on the tripod and all my digital camera skills put to the test. After viewing the time lapse video, everything appears to be set properly to capture the daytime to nighttime view of the landscape. Without the proper solar filters you will definitely damage your camera so I will not have the camera pointing at the sun by any means. We had a pretty awesome sunset tonight for my test shoot. Here's hoping tomorrow will be cloudless for the actual viewing of the total eclipse but for my landscape capture I'm sure a few clouds might actually enhance my video. Wish me luck and happy eclipse day wherever you are viewing it from!